Full Review of Life 360: an App that Finds your Family, Friends and Phone

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Life360 is an irreplaceable GPS locator to coordinate with your family, colleagues and friends. No more endless messages and calls like “When will you be home?” or “Are you coming soon?”. Now you can see other users’ location in real time, whenever you need. Arrange your plans and be sure everyone is safe with Life 360.


Simply install the app on your device and ask your friends and family to do the same. Each member will become your Circle and appear in the form of an icon on the map. Then you can create geofence zones around a particular area. When someone from your Circle gets to this location or leaves it, you will get a corresponding notification. When you create a Circle, it’s up to you who you are going to invite and share data with. The main menu includes Map, Messages, Places, Location sharing, Premium, Setting, and Help. The score of the interface – 5/5.


What ar

e the key features and specialties of Life360? This GPS locator enables precise tracking of family members and friends on a map. You can create your groups of family members and friends to share your location with them. Users can set up alerts when Circle members get to a particular spot, leave work or come home.

The app provides a lifeline in case of emergency, i.e. when a phone line works poor, users still can send messages to their contacts absolutely for free. You can also use a special panic button which sends contacts where you are and how to help you.  Information about each drive is available to improve safety.

The app even shows where sex offenders live in a particular district. So, the app is an irreplaceable tool for parental control. You can send messages to the whole group or privately.

The app has Plus and Driver Protect subscriptions. They offer location history, 24/7 support, and unlimited place alerts. Seven-day demo version is free. You can easily find a stolen or lost phone. The mark of this point is 4.5/5.

Performance and User Experience 

Needless to say, that with such a great variety of security options the app has been pretty popular among families. Rather than sending messages and destruct your loved ones, you can just check their location, driving route and ensure they got to their destination safely.

What problems do users face anyway? First of all, it relates to inaccurate location tracking. Some people complain that sometimes they don’t get the correct location and the app freezes. Another problem is the app shows no network or phone off whereas the phone is connected to the Internet and works all right. However, the reason may be a bad GPS signal, not a problem with the app. There were also some funny issues when users told their phone moved around while they were sleeping. Some people note poor technical and customer support in emergency cases. 3.5/5.

Devices Compatibility 

The app is compatible with iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. The mark is 4 out of 5.


  • The basic version is downloaded for free via Google Play and iTunes;
  • Emergency alarm system and useful tool for parental control;
  • Crash detection;
  • Round-the-clock driver care support;
  • High level of security: only Circle member can see your location, and you decide when to share it.


  • In-app purchases: Life360 Plus and Life360 Driver Protect are not free.

The Verdict

Life360 is a reliable security solution for the whole family. Using location-based features, people can share their locations and find out when someone needs help. It should be noted, that Mini and BMW have integrated the app into their vehicles and completely trust them.

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