Full Review of Legend: Turn you Text into Awesome Movies

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Legend is a creative app which enables users to transform text into movies putting words in motion. The final file may be saved in MP4 or GIF. An app is a fantastic tool for bloggers and active users of social networks as it makes posts more attractive and catchy.


The process of creating Legend is pretty simple: just write a text, add a background photo or video, choose an animation style, save your Legend or send it to Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter to impress friends. Use Legends to highlight quotes or single words. You can add a background image from your Gallery or get it from Flickr. A video background is also available. The black background of the screen does not distract users from creating of Legend. The main menu is placed on the bottom of the page.

Note that you can combine Legend with another free app, Replay. Just choose your Legends, then the video style, go in the Timeline and select Play without Cuts. You can also add some music from your phone’s library or Replay collection. My mark of the interface is 4.5/5.


Let’s have a look at the app’s key features:

  • Emoji support.

weight: 400;”>A good selection of animation styles;

  • Add a picture or a photo for background from your gallery or using Flickr;
  • Simple and intuitive design;
  • Ability to post your Legend on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or just play in messages conversations;
  • Legends can highlight usernames, figures or hashtags;
  • Use slow motions videos for the background to make your Legend more dramatic and dynamic;
  • Ability to combine Legends together using additional Replay app;
  • Create Legends via web API.
  • My mark is 4.5/5.

    Performance and User Experience 

    Legend gets frequent updates and is not buggier than other mobile apps. It’s a great way to transform the way users communicate with their friends. People like its multiple animations, ability to share the final GIF with friends and a Clock Effect when you input time. However, some features of the app are inflexible. For example, you cannot move a part of your text as you like or place it diagonally. Users want the app’s developers to include more features: more characters, fonts, text colors, text positions and speed as they get frustrated using the same limited option over and over again. They promised to add more animations and options later. The score is 4.5/5.

    Devices Compatibility 

    Compatible with Android and iOS (requires iOS 8.0 or later). Note that for iOS the app comes at a price of $1.99. Not compatible with Windows. The score is 4.5/5.


    • Installing for free;
    • Very simple interface and features;
    • Fast way to make your Instagram or conversation alive and dynamic;
    • A nice collection of animation styles;
    • Ability to send them via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


    • The text limit is 100 characters;
    • Only square Legends and up to 6 sec videos;
    • No stickers of additional effects;
    • Only 6 animation styles are free of charge. The other 14 ones come at a price. The price of iOS is $1.99, and it is not refunded;
    • Limited and inflexible features: you cannot turn a short piece of video into a GIF, manage the speed of the text or rotate the picture.

    The Verdict 

    The app with its great animations and color schemes is enjoyable to use. Users expect more options of text format to appear. Some users complain that GIF remains static sometime later or look like the black image. To get some inspiration, visit @legendapp on Instagram to see Legends created by other users and post your own. Dancing typography is a new way to express your ideas, jokes and thoughts. Brighten up your day with a colorful Legend!

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