Full Review of ooVoo – an excellent tool for a multi-platform video chatting

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ooVoo app can help you make online video calls for free. The updated version supports group video talks of an excellent quality with up to 8 people at the same time. Works for every type of connection (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, LTE). The app connects you to your Facebook friends in seconds and helps tell and show them your latest news. Is ooVoo a serious competitor to Skype or there is nothing to be afraid of?


The app design is attractive, but it can’t be called super user-friendly and intuitive. The colour selection is nice, the fonts are beautiful, all these transparencies, colourful blocks, etc. But you need to check a few buttons to get to Chains, for example, or to organize a group call. Maybe this happens because I’m very much used to other messengers with group video chatting? In general, the interface is not a piece of cake for not-teens-anymore. Beautiful, but not straightforward. The mark of the interface is 3.5/5.


The newly updated app version features are versatile indeed.

  • The leading feature is cross-platform and cross-device support;
  • Talk to friends from your mobile phone, tablet or PC;


  • Facebook chat integration and dialogues with multiple friends from this social network at once;
  • Search for contacts from Facebook, Twitter and email account and see who of them are already signed up for ooVoo.
  • Also, you may find useful:

    • Individual or group calls including up to 8 friends at once;
    • High-quality video over several various communication networks;
    • NEW in the latest version: ooVoo Chains – new form of social chat, collections of pics, short videos and text messages to share the most exciting ideas with your friends and the entire world;
    • Watch Trending Chains and work together with members of ooVoo online community.

    All that is available for free!

    The set of features sounds great, but Chains section needs attention: many users report inappropriate content in Chains, this is a major problem for all similar apps that offer freedom of self-expression. Developers seem to be caring enough and have taken several steps to reduce it by removing ‘random’ chains for watching – it helped a lot, by the way. The mark of the features is 4.5/5.

    Performance and User Experience

    App performance is noteworthy: no bugs were found during one week of active use. I tried video chatting with 4 friends at once and everything worked well on 4G. The video quality is really ‘crisp and clear’ as specified by app developers, I could see all my friends on the screen and distinguish their facial expressions. Some slight sound problems were noticed in the second minute, but that’s nothing serious. I would agree with Google Play users who evaluated the ooVoo app with a 5-star review. On the day 2 I felt okay with the app menu and could found all necessary buttons right away, so the first impression of the user-unfriendly interface was misleading, it just takes a little bit time. The ads can be removed for just $0.99 – great. I managed to create a Chain and watched a few – not bad, resembles Instagram Stories. The mark is 4/5.


    If you have something to say about this app and make own review – write me.

    The app is compatible with most Android and iOS-based devices (iPhones and iPads). At Google Play you can find the following information about platform compatibility: requires Android 4.3 and up, which is not bad as it makes the ooVoo app available to millions of users. It may be a great alternative for those who frequently experience problems with Skype (I heard a lot about that). ooVoo is available at Microsoft Store too, so it adds a few thousand gets to the general statistics. Thanks for a stable and low-maintenance latest app versions, ooVoo. The mark is 4.5/5.


    • A fast-working app for video calls;
    • Excellent video quality for free;
    • Facebook chat integration.


    • Tangled interface;
    • Possible issues with Chains content;
    • Complicated sign-up process.

    The Verdict

    If you need a nice app for video chats with one or multiple friends and you feel your Facebook contacts are enough for that – here you go, as ooVoo is a high-quality product with appealing developers’ approach to innovations and fixes. I would recommend it for both personal or business communication, as its performance is stable enough for multi-purpose talks.

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