Full Review of Adobe Photoshop Fix. The App That Keeps On Giving

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It is hard to find a free photo editing app that gives you access to professional photo editing features. Most apps have basic features like cropping and retouching which don’t go a long way when you are editing professional photos. Adobe Photoshop Fix sets the bar very high by providing users with high-end editing tools. Learn more about the app in this review.


Adobe Photoshop Fix for iOS and Google Android has a sophisticated interface. You create a new project by choosing pictures from different locations such as your camera, gallery, Lightroom collection that is synced with the app or from Creative Cloud. At the bottom of the screen, the different tools are perfectly organized for easy access. This tool’s design is quite ordinary but has a novelty to it that I believe doesn’t grow old. The score is 4 out of 5.

Features and Tools 

What makes this app stand out from its competitors are its features. First and foremost, this app has photo retouching tools such as smooth, lighten, color, darken

, heal and patch for imperfections, vignetting, selective blurring, painting, red-eye correction, and contrast and saturation adjustment among others. Secondly, this app has Photoshop CC integration which allows you to send your images to Photoshop directly from your app. This app is perfect for professional and personal photo editing. You can create amazing masterpieces with the app with just a few simple touches. Features’ score is impressive! 5 out of 5!


This App Store and Google Play app for photo editing has impressive performance. My Android app is quite fast on my rather old phone. All the different features work without any challenges, and the results are incredible. I really have no complaints about the performance of this app. What makes it even better is the fact that Adobe is always updating the app with improvements. For instance, in the latest version, you can sign in with Facebook and Google.  In addition to this, there are bug fixes in the Android version. 5/5.


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Photoshop Fix is not only compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, but it is also an app for all Android devices. My verdict is 5 out of 5.


  • Both the iOS and the Android mobile versions have a user-friendly interface;
  • It has incredible editing features;
  • The app is free.


  • It does not have histogram display and white balance features;
  • It is quite large;
  • Uses up too much battery power.

The Conclusion

I adore Adobe Photoshop Fix. It has a combination of features you will not find in many of the competing apps, and using this app is very effortless. It would work for an experienced photo editor as well as a beginner who has absolutely no experience in photo editing. The only significant drawback of this app is that it lacks white balance and histogram display. Regardless, I would recommend it as a leading photo editing app for anyone interested in a high-quality and reliable photo editing app.

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