Full Review of Free WiFi Connect. Save on Data Usage

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Are you looking for an app that enables your Android mobile device to search for any available open WiFi network then automatically connect to it? Free WiFi connect by Mentisco is the tool for you. Here’s the full review of this useful application.  


The Free WiFi Connect app has a simple user interface and a design that is straightforward and adaptable, making it quite ideal for this app genre. The controls and menu items are also self-explanatory, and within the first few minutes after installation, I was able to find the available networks in the second tab of the Google Play app for Android then connected to the one I preferred with just a single click. I would award a solid 4/5 to this interface.


One of the most attractive benefits of having this app for all Android devices is that it signifi

cantly saves on my data usage since I can hop over any nearby Free WiFi network easily. The app also respects my choices and doesn’t change network once my device has connected to a saved one. I also get to create my personal hotspot, use the network scanner, and even configure the router.

Other additional features include Smart WiFi and the Bonjour Browser. Notably, the app has no in-app purchases. However, you can enjoy several enhancements that come with the latest version (8.1) which also offers big fixes. Therefore, if you find issues connecting to free WiFi networks, it’s recommendable to update your app.

Even though the best part of this APK is its efficiency in identifying and listing of the free networks for me to use, I can also use it to manage my networks. On features, the app deserves a 4.5/5.

Performance and User Experience

The factor that will always make me have this network tool on my device is the convenience and ease of use. Despite being slower when connecting to open WiFi networks, the app operates seamlessly with minimal lags.

Better still, each update comes with performance enhancements, and the app has more benefits than the setbacks. In this section, I would give the app a 4/5.


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The app is only available for Google Android devices, and it requires Android version 4.1 and above. Since it’s only compatible with one operating system, this section scores a 3.5/5.


  • It’s a free app;
  • It has a smart WiFi feature;
  • Also serves as a network manager.


  • Works only for free WiFi networks;
  • Some users report issues when trying to create a hotspot;
  • It’s relatively slower when it comes to connecting to free WiFi networks;
  • Only available as an Android app.

The Verdict

Understandably, Free WiFi Connect has its own weaknesses just like most other similar mobile applications, but the benefits surpass the setbacks. The fact that it also serves as a WiFi manager is also a plus, and thanks to this, you can identify any free networks near you. Be it at a fast food restaurant, a bus or in a park or any other similar place, Free WiFi connect Android app has all your network needs covered. I would recommend the leading APK to every Android user; you never know when the need for a WiFi network would strike.

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