Full Review of ibis Paint X. Draw Fantastic Pictures and Illustrations

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This is a creative drawing app that not only allows you to share your artwork with your friends but also engage them in drawing your pictures.


I got the APK on my Android and tested the app on iOS as well, and I think ibis Paint X has a great UI but might be challenging to use until you familiarize yourself with all tools on your screen. The welcome page is colorful and appealing, and it displays top-rated drawings created by other users on a daily basis. Art you’ve created is presented in an orderly manner with thumbnails. The score of the interface is 4 out of 5.

Features and Tools 

  • Brush Tools

This tool

gives you hundreds of brush options depending on your drawing. It also has numerous brush functionalities such as thickness for customizing your pictures to the slightest details. You can adjust this and other attributes such as opacity using the Quick slider.

  • Layer Tools

Layer tool makes it possible for you to add layers on top of your canvas. Moreover, if your canvas does not satisfy you, you can adjust its opacity and other features to your preference.

  • Color Picker

This feature enables you to select colors you intend to use in your drawing from the color wheel and save them in the Palette for easy retrieval in the future. It makes ibis Paint X a great and resourceful App Store and Google Play app for digital artists.

  • Material Tool

This tool allows you adjust the nature and appearance of your canvas by tweaking its texture and tone with more than 1,200 options. Features such as Eraser enable you to make immediate changes on your pictures. The app has excellent drawing support options to enhance image stabilization. This feature works smoothly on all Android and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. The score of the features is 4/5.


It is evident that you have to practice using the app’s features to use it efficiently. You can easily share pictures with friends on social media and get their artwork. The tutorials in the app are convenient in teaching how to use the features correctly. Anyone can get it for free and enjoy a ton of infinite possibilities in customization of illustrations. Developers have removed bugs from the latest version of the app and have updated it for enhancing your user experience. All in all, this is an easy-to-use iOS and Android app. My mark is 4 out of 5.


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Developers have come up with both the APK and IPA to make the app available for Android mobile and iOS users. It is an app for all Android versions of 4.1 an up and for iOS 9.0+. The score of the device’s compatibility is 5/5!


  • Real-time preview;
  • Sharing functionality;
  • Tutorials.


  • Many ads;
  • Minor lags;
  • Watch ads to unlock features.

The Conclusion

I’ve used this app and loved it. ibis Paint X is a leading app in its class, having a wide range of features. There couldn’t be a better app for the Google Android and iOS platforms to use in making awesome drawings and great illustrations. I highly recommend it to artists and creative people in general.

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