Full Review of Boomerang from Instagram. Capture Fun Moments With Looping Videos

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Looking for a simple yet effective way of keeping memories? Boomerang is the way to go. Capture your fun moments by creating captivating mini videos that loop back and forth, displaying hilarious impressions.


Boomerang has one of the most straightforward interfaces you will ever see. The app has only one dedicated button on the main page with which you capture the mini videos. The welcome page is impressive as it contains three beautiful loops with awesome backgrounds. This simplicity makes Boomerang convenient for you to use it. The score is 5/5.

Features and Tools

The app is a really great tool for creating humorous memories that you can share with your family and friends. Its features allow you to do this even without any exp

erience in using them. The best part is that all tools have been provided to you for free.

  • One Click

Click once and let the app do the rest for you. It snaps a series of photos, converting them into a captivating mini video. You can capture using your back-facing or your selfie camera.  Boomerang is one of the few Google Android and iOS apps with impressive functionality available for free.

  • Share

This feature enables you to send your mini videos efficiently via social media. I’ve captured pretty fun moments that I’ve shared with friends. The app will certainly lighten up your social life.

  • Autoplay

The app automatically plays your mini video in loops without stopping unless you do it yourself, bringing a hilarious sense to your videos. This App Store and Google Play app is for capturing memories you won’t forget. The score of the features is 4/5.


Boomerang is one of the most simple-to-use apps you will ever come across considering its purpose and capabilities. You certainly do not require tutorials for you to use it. Just with a single tap, the app instantly creates an incredible mini clip. It is an app for all Android devices and iOS gadgets, making it accessible to all users. This makes the user experience fascinating. The convenience of sharing is incredible, as the app gives you different options to choose your preferred method. With all its features functioning efficiently, Boomerang certainly has excellent performance. The developers have updated the app’s icon in the latest version to correspond to Instagram’s new one. The score is 4/5.


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Boomerang has been developed for both Android mobile and iOS platforms, with Android version requirements varying depending on the specs of your device. The iOS app, on the other hand, requires OS version 8.0 and up. The compatible iOS devices are iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The performance of both the iOS and Android apps is stunning. The score is 5/5.


  • No signing up;
  • Free content;
  • No ads.


  • Short snaps;
  • Limited features;
  • No personalization.

The Conclusion

With Boomerang, get ready for some great fun. This is undoubtedly a leading app in the photo and video category, evidenced by the millions of installations. I recommend it to all Instagram users.

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