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Have you ever wanted to add or remove someone from a picture? You can try cropping them out or creating a collage to add them, but this doesn’t look great. Fortunately, with an app like Cut Paste Photos, you can do all this. Get more information about this app below.


The Cut Paste Photos Android app has a very user-friendly interface. The different UI elements are conveniently located below the photo preview area for easy access, and they are very easy to use. I also like the fact that you can zoom in to cut out small objects with ease. The overall design of this Android mobile app is fairly simple but perfectly suited for the app. The score is 5/5.

Features and Tools

This Google Android app has a great combination of features that you will not find in many free-to-get apps. First, this app has a ‘cut’ feature which allows you

to remove different objects from a picture and transfer them to another one using the paste function. Next, it has an advanced photo editor which lets you increase the precision of the cut images. This feature is perfect if you want to cut out people or large objects from your pictures. This Google Play app for cutting images also includes photo collages which feature different layouts and freeform options to make your cutouts even better. This app is very useful for removing picture backgrounds, removing people from pictures and adding people to your photos as well. The score of the features is 5/5.


This photo cutting tool has decent performance. It takes only a few minutes to cut and paste the images, and all the different features work well. However, I have an issue with the cutting tool. It is not precise. You can still see small parts of the original background when the image is pasted elsewhere. This can be solved by using a background with similar colors, but it’s still hard to make it flawless. However, the developers work very hard to ensure the app is working well. They update the app regularly to enhance performance. Some of the latest version’s changes include solid backgrounds in collages, mirror effects and improved stability. My mark is 3 out of 5.


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Cut Paste Photo is an app for all Android devices only. It is not compatible with any other platforms. This is unfortunate because it is one of the leading cut and paste apps. Finding a great alternative to it on the App Store is hard. The score is 5/5.


  • Very easy to use;
  • It is free of charge;
  • Amazing features.


  • The cut tool could use some refinement;
  • Not compatible with iDevices;
  • Contains ads.

The Conclusion

I like the Cut Paste Photos app a lot. I have used this app countless times to add unique backgrounds to my pictures, remove and add different objects to my images. It’s a quite handy tool. However, I think the cut feature requires an improvement to prevent the cut and paste from looking so obvious. The developers should also consider introducing an iOS version. All in all, I would recommend this app to anyone who enjoys having fun with pictures and making great designs.

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