Full Review of the Glitch! Unleash Creativity With Glitch Art

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Glitch is a photo editing app designed to generate glitches in your pictures without using sophisticated software. It produces random glitches upon touching the screen of your device.


Having tested it, I am convinced the app has a convenient and appealing user interface. The welcome page has colors of the logo randomly changing before loading the home page. Glitch has beautiful image buttons that have been used to display different styles and their corresponding illustrations. Again, you only have to slide the menu upwards or downwards to access other glitch styles. Me mark of the interface of this app is 5 out of 5. 

Features and Tools 

The app comes with a considerable range of features, enabling you to turn visual errors into stunning art. With these tools, there is virtually no limit to the ext

ent of glitch you can apply to your photo. However, some glitch features are only available to premium users, and you can obtain them as in-app purchases ranging from $2 to $3.  

  • Glitch Effects

This tool contains several glitch effects to choose from, enabling you to select styles that correspond to your personal taste. You can apply glitches to photos you capture real-time before saving them by using the live preview functionality.  

  • Resolution

This feature is effective in enhancing the clarity and beauty of your photos. All you have to do is simply tap the resolution button and select the preferred pixel values.

  • Share Feature

At the click of this icon, you can share your stunning glitch photos with friends and family instantly. Sharing has never been as convenient as in this app, seeing that it provides you with several options in one place. Certainly, this is a distinctive Google Android platform app. The features of Glitch deserve the mark 4.


Glitch is incredibly easy to use. In selecting glitch effects, all you have to do is slide the menu to access the different features. This app for Android devices has impressive performance. The sharing feature will enhance your experience as you share your photos with friends. A few ads will pop up as you use it, but they are not that persistent. They don’t interfere with the usability and performance of Glitch. There are no lags when generating glitches, which is quite notable. The developers have removed bugs and updated some features in the latest version which has better performance than the previous ones. My mark is 4 out of 5.


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Glitch has been developed for the Android mobile platform only. The version requirement varies with your device. This Android app runs smoothly on different versions of the platform and also seamlessly adjusts to fit different screen sizes. The score is 3/5.


  • Easy to use;
  • Appealing UI;
  • Share feature.


  • Ads;
  • Only for Android;
  • In-app purchases.

The Conclusion

Glitch is fun to use. With its great features, it’s a leading app among others in the category. I would certainly recommend this Google Play app for photography enthusiasts anytime.

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