Full Review of Messenger for SMS. Customizable Messaging Made Awesome

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The SMS & MMS team brings you this messaging app with a difference, allowing you to fully customize your messages and calls, and other associated features such as ringtones. This app makes communication not only effective but fun too.


The thing that stands out most about the design is the fact that you can customize the entire app, with multiple themes, wallpapers, and background colors. The UI is simple and highly intuitive, and users will immediately get drawn to a different kind of layout especially for a messaging app. The app contains elements of 2D and animation, but most of the interface is based on the interactive text. I rate this section 5 out of 5.


Messenger for SMS offers various tools to make regular texting and calling a little more fun, letting you customize everything from your messages, wallpapers, and ringtones, b

ut also affording you the same capabilities as regular messaging apps. You can send Emojis, GIFs and audio and video MMS apart from regular text. You’ll access thousands of new Emojis and GIFs, and these are regularly updated, so you’ll never get bored.

Other important features include SMS and MMS backup and restore in case you ever delete or lose your messages. The app will also link your calls with messages, and you can access the latter directly from the Caller ID screen. Speaking of Caller ID, you can actually check numbers in real-time even if they aren’t in your contact list, and you can get notifications of spam callers.

Other useful features include the ability to lock your message box, and scheduling and delaying of SMS in case you want to correct any errors. I also managed to set up a Private Box and was able to select contacts to go directly to the Private Box or messages to be encrypted.

The Google Play app for Android is free. There are however in-app purchases ranging from $1-$10 which include an Ad-free version and a Pro-Version with endless themes and GIFs. I give the app 4.5/5.

Performance and User Experience

Though the app offers great features, you will be bombarded by tons of ads if you don’t pay for the ad-free version. This makes using the app less than pleasant at times. My own experience with the Android app was a bit slow on my Huawei. Other users have complained about how the app slows down their Android mobile too. There are quite a few bugs on this app, and you might occasionally have to force a shutdown. A performance is 3/5.

Device Compatibility

The app requires Google Android version 4.1 or higher. Therefore, this might not be an app for all Android devices. The app isn’t compatible with iOS, like many other 3rd party call and messaging apps. 3/5.


  • Awesome UI;
  • Allows freedom of customization;
  • The private mode works perfectly.


  • Too many bugs;
  • Not available for iOS;
  • Challenging to revert to standard messaging once permissions are set for the app.

The Verdict

The app is definitely one of the leading call and SMS apps in terms of innovative use of Emojis, GIFs and other message extras, and also packs very useful features such as the Private Mode. You’ll have fun using this app, and the latest version offers bug fixes which make it more seamless. I’d recommend this app.

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