My Contacts Review. Easy Phonebook Backup & Effective Transfer

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If you’ve ever lost your contacts or switched phones, you understand how frustrating it can be trying to retrieve them or transfer them to the new device especially if you hadn’t carried out either a local or cloud back-up. My Contacts iOS and Android app provides tools for you to backup, restore or transfer all your important contacts on the same or different devices.


The UI on the app is seamless and uncluttered, and users will enjoy using this on their iOS or Google Android devices. The design boasts a sleek sky-blue theme and using the app is highly intuitive, with only simple taps required to select options. Interface gets a solid 5.


My Contacts will require you to create an account on the Telenor server. You can do this directly on your iOS or Android mobile once you get and install the app. Once the acc

ount is created, you can immediately proceed to sync your cloud account with your phone contacts list. You can see the transfer process continuing either as you upload or get the contacts on your device.

With the auto-sync option, you can keep the app running in the background and carry on with other tasks and the app will automatically sync your phone contacts with the Cloud server. If you are transferring say from an iPhone to an Android device, you need to install the app on both phones. The app also gives you the ability to edit your contacts list on the My Contacts Web service.

Both the Google Play app for Android and App Store version for iOS are free, and there are no in-app purchases.

The latest version offers better stability, and there are regular updates for bug fixes. I give My Contacts 4.5 for features.

Performance and User Experience

The app is stable and works seamlessly, apart from the occasional freezes. Some users have complained that the app syncs both old and new contacts which may be undesired. In some cases, the app also imports deleted contacts, but I think this might be a problem with the phone itself as it usually doesn’t remove contacts permanently. 4.5 in this section.

Device Compatibility

This might not be an app for all Android devices as the requirements for the app is Android 4.3 or higher. The app requires iOS 9.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPhone touch. The app gets 4.5 in terms of cross-platform use.


  • Simple and intuitive UI;
  • Very few bugs;
  • The app is stable.


  • Imports even deleted contacts;
  • Complaints about the app removing synced contacts if you install it
  • Occasional bugs;
  • Sometimes cloud syncing doesn’t work.

The Verdict

Apart from the occasional hiccups, My Contacts is one of the leading back up service for contacts. The developers should think of inserting a backup function for messages too. Some users find the fact that the app incorporates even old contacts into the sync process, but I would suggest doing a complete clean-up of their deleted contacts first. I’d recommend this app to all Android and iOS users.

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