MakeupPlus Review. Beautify Your Photos And Enhance Your Visage

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Your visage communicates a lot about you. The use of virtual makeup can get you looking fabulous in your photos. MakeupPlus is an app you can leverage on. In just a few clicks, this personal makeup app will transform your facial appearance.


The app has a stunning welcome page with a soothing background and a beautiful pink logo.  The homepage is beautifully designed, with buttons strategically positioned to give you ample space on the screen for working on your photos. The buttons have appealing colors and illustrations for easy understanding and navigation. The personalization button is on the top right of the screen which instantly gives you access to different options.  The sore is 5 out of 5. 

Features and Tools

This app for all Android devices and iOS gadgets has resourceful features designed to give you a wide range of possibilities and flexibility in creatively beautify

ing your photos. It provides you with hundreds of free makeup effects that you can customize to your preference.

  • Touch-Up

This tool has effects such as eye makeup, blush, eyebrows & lipstick, and hair dye. The great part is that all these features are impressively realistic. My experience in using the touch-up function is certainly memorable.

  • Live Preview

The live preview feature is resourceful as it allows you to choose what works best for you when capturing a photo. This App Store and Google Play app for beauty lovers lets you apply makeup effects even before taking the snap.

  • Tutorials

The app has a trending button which takes you to the tutorials page. There, you get access to numerous tutorials on how to use the app efficiently and maximize its great features. It is a unique app for both Google Android and iOS platforms seeing that it provides detailed insights that will ensure you get the most out of it. The score of the features is 4/5.


The developers of this app must have had usability and convenience in mind when they were working on it. All features have been tailored to give you excellent user experience without much hassle. MakeupPlus has incredible speed of execution. The latest version of the app is updated for efficient performance to better your enjoyment of the process. I would rate this point at 5 out of 5!


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MakeupPlus is designed for both Android mobile and iOS platforms. If you are an iOS user, the app runs smoothly on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The Android app requires 4.0.3 version or later, while the iOS app runs on devices with OS version 9.0 or up. So, I think the compatibility deserves the highest mark – 5!


  • Easy to use;
  • Tutorials;
  • Live preview.


  • Has ads;
  • No share feature;
  • Requires signing in.

The Conclusion

MakeupPlus is certainly a leading app owing to the hundreds of excellent features it provides. It gives you numerous possibilities to experiment with and choose what works best for you. Without a doubt, I recommend this app to all beauty enthusiasts.

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