Photo Editor Review. A Powerful Photo Editing Application

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Android mobile doesn’t have a lot of default photo editing options. In fact, the only feature is cropping on most Android devices. This leaves Android phone users no other choice but to get a third-party app with more photo editing options. My personal favorite is Photo Editor, and I will tell you why in the review below.


This Android app has a user-friendly interface that is very effortless in terms of navigation. One thing I like about the interface is the design. On the homepage, the different options are well spread out on the screen for easy access, and on the top left, there is a drop-down menu that gives you access to settings. You don’t need photo editing experience or tech knowledge to use this app. The score of the interface is 5 out of 5!

Features and Tools

Photo Editor is rich with photo editing features. One of the main functions of this Google Android app is the color enhancement. With this, you can change the bright

ness, temperature, saturation, tint and contrast of your image. The app also has a crop, rotation, resize and straighten features. In addition, there are correction tools such as red-eye, backlight, perspective and white balance among many others. This app can be useful to a professional photographer, a photography enthusiast and anyone who wishes to enhance their photos. The score of the features is 5 out of 5!


This app for all Android devices has reliable performance. From the moment you install it, Photo Editor works perfectly. It doesn’t stop mid-use and has excellent response. This makes it perfect for someone who wants it for professional use since it will not cause any delays. The developers are always trying to improve the app and update it frequently. Some of the changes you should expect to see in the latest version include cut out improvements, brush enhancements, bug fixes and fixed layer-file corruption among others. My mark of the usability is 5/5.


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Photo Editor is a Google Play app for Android devices only. This application does not support iOS devices. This is a bummer because it has awesome features that I believe everyone would benefit from. 4/5.


  • It has a user-friendly interface;
  • It has many useful features;
  • The performance is consistent.


  • Not compatible with iOS;
  • It has very dull colors which makes it a bit boring;
  • Too many ads.

The Conclusion

There aren’t many free-to-get photo editing tools that you can use for professional photo editing. This is what makes Photo Editor stand out. It offers you what you will not find in many apps, and it is quite easy to use. The only drawbacks of the app are that there are in-app purchases and too many ads which can distract you from what you are doing. However, I would still recommend the app to professional photo editors, tech enthusiasts, photography enthusiasts and anyone who wants a great app to use for editing personal photos.

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