Hello! My name is Lily, and I’m glad to meet you on my blog page. This site is dedicated to my great obsession with social media and communication. But first, let me introduce myself.

I graduated a year ago with a bachelor degree in Social Communications. This specialty gives me an opportunity to work as a journalist, PR-specialist, content manager, brand manager, advertising manager, and social worker as well. All these directions fascinate me, but I actually can’t decide which way should I move on. So I determined to stop my university studies for some time to make a right career choice. When I finally conclude about my future occupation, I’m going to continue studying to get a master degree in the selected area.

And nowadays I try myself in different kind of jobs. For the previous year, I’ve worked (and am still working) as a freelance journalist for the web-edition about IT and innovations in science. It is an exciting experience, and it improves my writing skills. I’ve never been interested much in this topic and now I’m totally into the IT-question. I realize, that advanced writing skills and understanding of the subject can perform miracles. Strong articles are able to engage more readers, and the audience appreciates you as a good author. This prospect attracts me a lot.

All the previous summer I’ve worked in the rehabilitation house for people with motion dementia. It was a tough experience indeed. Such kind of occupation requires a lot of patience, understanding of human psychology, and absolute devotion to people’s needs. After three months of this internship, I understood, that being a social worker is not a soft option.

For half a year, I was occupied as a PR-officer of a fashion brand start-up. The girls from my native town started their little business of sewing high-quality silk lingerie for homewear. I was admired by these garments, so it wasn’t hard for me to promote the production initially. My knowledge was enough to help the brand gain its devoted consumers and to make it a love-mark among other similar trademarks. But after six months of total dive into the promotion, I concluded that I have to move on and to continue self-development.

Switching between different types of job activities, I found a place for my self-fulfilment. I created a blog, where I mix an adoration about social communications and my deep involvement in software topic. This is how the appspit.com appeared. Here I write my reviews on the top social media and communication apps. The latter help people communicate even at the long distances, and make our lives more comfortable. So this is almost a scientific interest in communication and social apps.

After a year of searching my future profession, I concentrated on journalism and PR. And now I am gladly developing in both of these directions. I offer you the relevant services on my Services page. Take a look at them, and maybe you’ll find something valuable for you.

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