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Notability provides some of the best features of any note-taking app that I’ve come across. As I gradually learned the ropes of this app, I could see why so many users love it. Thanks to its versatility, you can use Notability either as a handy note-taker as a student or even in your regular professional work. The ability to sync your notes across various devices also comes as a welcome advantage.


With Notability, you can create, sync, share, and store notes with a variety of cloud options such as Dropbox, Google Drive, email, and iCloud for your iOS devices. You can upload photos, PDFs, web screenshots, other document formats and then create annotations, sketches, flow charts and other handwritten customizations on them.

You’ll be able to link audio notes to specific sections of your document, which is useful for explaining processes. The illustrations that you create can also be scaled and fitted on whatever area looks best.

A wide array of font sizes and colors make the editing even better. Zoom-writing lets you write quickly and smoothly. Straight lines help you draw your graphs and other geometric shapes perfectly.


Improved rendering capabilities have vastly increased the quality of the documents produced by this app. The app has a sleek design, and you can easily navigate your way through it. It syncs perfectly across devices in iCloud. I did experience a bit of freezing when I wrote too much text on the note taker, but this glitch was fixed with the last update.

For your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you’ll need at least iOS 10.0. The app isn’t available for Android.

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