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Cross-platform use

The Optimum app brings you to live TV on your device from wherever you are and also lets you use your smartphone as a portable remote control. With Optimum, you can browse and record shows on your DVR straight from your favorite networks such as Fox, CNN, HBO Go, ESPN, and tons of others.


You can click on a network and see which devices and platforms are supported. If you don’t have an app installed for the content provider, say AMC, you’ll need to get the installation done first before you can access its content. If your selection doesn’t have an app, you will be redirected to its mobile site where you can log in and watch your show.

TV-To-Go sorts all your favorite content into different categories, making it easier to find whatever you need.

The app gives you options for Live TV and on-demand TV. You can browse and search catalogs based on your subscriptions, or access free content. Filter your content to get the shows that you want in different categories. Your filtered searches may include free and premium content and content that is available for a limited time. Parental control is also available under the app settings.

You can use your device as a remote control and access full DVR management such as scheduling, recordings, and channel guides.


Optimum prides itself on delivering ‘endless entertainment from anywhere.’ The experience is far from entertaining, however. The following complaints have been registered:

  • Users can’t record off the app.
  • Remote buttons never work.
  • Customer service is extremely unresponsive.
  • Optimum redirects you to network providers forcing you to subscribe to the network which you have already paid for before through cable.
  • Optimum removed favorite channels without notice to paying customers and substituted them with low-value ones.

For iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone, you’ll require at least iOS 7.0. For Android devices, the app requires Android 4.1 or higher.

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