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Step by step, mobile brands refuse to make phones with changeable batteries. As a result, your device looks sleeker and works longer. But its battery life isn’t endless. And you can't carry a power bank with you all the time. So, we’ve selected the best life hacks that will extend the battery life of your gizmo.

A tiny dose of Doze

Doze mode has been around since Android 6.0. But surprisingly, a small number of people use it to preserve the phone battery from drainage. Doze mode forbids the apps to use the phone’s resources when it’s dormant.

As soon as your gadget’s screen goes dark, Doze mode kicks in. It prevents certain applications — like games — from consuming energy, updating and connecting to the network. Only messengers and the Phone Call app remain functioning.

However, it’s crucial for some apps to stay working. Especially if it’s a job-related app or Clash of Clans, which you need to keep updated at all costs. Then you can make a few exceptions. Here’s how to do that:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Apps & Notifications.
  • Then go to Advanced —> Special app access —> Battery optimization.
  • Then select Not Optimized and check All apps

After it's done, go through the list of applications and pardon those you need to keep working non-stop by tapping Don’t optimize.

Less color, more economy

Next advanced tactic is using Adaptive Display. When enabled, it cuts some of the color saturation, which your display shows when you watch movies, videos or play games. When you browse web-pages or read books, saturation decreases. Instead, the display shows more visual accuracy.

To turn Adaptive Display on:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Display.
  • Tap Adaptive Display.

However, keep in mind that this feature is available in newer smartphone generations only. Specifically, in the Samsung Galaxy series.

AI can help too

Since Android 9.0, gadgets powered by the OS have been equipped with the Adaptive Battery feature. This is an option driven by AI. And its primary mission is to discern which applications you use the most often. Once the feature gets this data, it will let your most used apps work in the background mode. Others will be shut down until you launch them.

This feature is quite helpful. But you need to know that there’s no way to revert Adaptive Battery’s ‘decisions’. Even if you disable it, you may have problems with notifications and updates anyway. The only solution is Hard Reset.

Clearing out junk

You probably have a few dozen apps installed on your gadget. Games, messengers, brain trainers, meme generators, and so on. The thing is you don’t need at least 1/3 of them anymore. But like well-adapted parasites, they still consume the precious energy of your smart little friend.

Go through the list of applications and select those you don’t use anymore. Delete them. Then take a look at the remaining apps. You can clear their cache, freeing some of your disk space. The thing is, the more stuff your gizmo keeps on its storage, the more energy it needs to function well.

Extra tips

  • Use Dark mode. Less brightness means less energy waste.
  • Disable GPS location. It consumes a good deal of battery life.
  • Switch automatic Wi-Fi connection off. Forever.
  • Fire Google Assistant (by disabling it).
  • Disable push notifications on all apps. Expect very important ones.

Assault & battery

Hopefully, our tips will be a life-saver to your phone’s battery. Keep in mind that if you phone doesn’t support Adaptive Screen, you can decrease its resolution through 3d party apps. And if you know any other way to make the battery last longer — share your knowledge with us in the comments!

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