Top 10 Apps of the 2010s — Who’s The Champion?

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The decade is nearing its end. In less than 10 days the whole era will be gone. The era when mobile apps started their victorious march on every continent of the world. So, let’s make a resume and see which apps dominated this legendary time.

Facebook — The Social Network


A service/application that needs no introduction. From its humble beginnings as a communication network on a college campus, it turned into a web Leviathan. Today’s version of Facebook can do everything. Apart from sharing pics and adding friends, you can also:

  • Post info.
  • Open an e-store.
  • Do live streaming.
  • Host online conferences.
  • Make audio and video calls.
  • Promote your product or service.

Probably, 90% of people you know are registered here. If you want to stay in touch, sell your stuff, promote your art, etc. — Facebook is your app of choice. If you’re not paranoid about your private info getting leaked, of course. The recent Cambridge Analytica scandal proved that it’s quite possible.

Facebook Messenger — Don’t shoot the messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is basically the lighter version of the FB app. It cuts some of its functionality. But still, there’s a good deal of features. You can text or call. Transact money or contact an e-store. Send friend invitations or transfer media files. Leave your location data and even play some of its games online: Word With Friends, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, etc.

Additionally, you can switch between Day and Night modes. The latter saves some battery life, goes easier on your eyes and makes your convos more stylish. So don’t hesitate to join the dark side. So to say.

WhatsApp — Chitty-chat & good old emojis


At the moment, WhatsApp is the No. 1 instant messenger in the world. First, it has no ads whatsoever. Second, all your messages go through end-to-end encryption. That means nobody can read them. Even if they hack WhatsApp’s servers — the intruders will see a bunch of nonsensical symbols.

As a bonus, you can make high-quality video & audio calls. If your contact isn’t there — leave a voice note. Send media files from JPEG to WAV. There’s a rich library of iconic emojis, stickers, and catchy GIFs too. As a bonus, you can use drawing/text tools to edit the pictures you send.

Instagram — Glamour, drama, and food pics


Initially a social platform for posting photos, Instagram has become a whole universe. For fun, you can use it to share pics, watch short videos, chat, and follow your friends. If you run a business, there’s no better place. Instagram is equipped with analytical and advertising tools, so you can promote and directly sell your stuff here.

Snapchat — Ghostly messaging


This app offers you to go happy-snappy. Its trademark feature is ethereal messaging. In other words, all the text/media messages you’ve sent will disappear without a trace over time. But there’s more you can do with this app.

It supports video-chatting with up to 16 people — a whole live conference. You can share stories with your friends and followers that document your adventures in real life. The app can also report where your friends are hanging out at the moment through the Snap Map.

And of course, there is Memories. It’s a dearly appreciated feature, which allows you to create Stories about places you’ve been to with your close ones. Also, you get to enjoy a number of inbuilt photo filters, GIFs provided by Giphy, and friend emojis — unique emojis designed after you and your buddies.

Skype — The blue color of nostalgia


Skype is old. And maybe it’s not gold. But it still provides free audio & video calls as a mobile app. Apart from that, you can:

  • Leave pre-recorded messages,
  • Send files of various formats from PDF to FLAC,
  • Host group calls,
  • Call actual phone numbers.
  • Send SMS.

Skype also offers some exclusive stuff: emojis and stickers. If you’re a fan of the Star Wars series, you will appreciate Chubaka, porg, TIE Fighter, and Kylo Ren emojis.

TikTok — Music, memes and 15 seconds


TikTok took Google Play by storm recently. It's a platform that allows you to create short entertaining videos. And half a billion users liked the idea and format. Especially when Vine was discontinued.

With TikTok, you can make a goofy music video. For that purpose, there’s a gargantuan music catalog provided by the app. If you prefer an original format — comedy bit, tutorial, parody — it’s fine too. The app has a palette of editing options, with which you can:

  • Make rhythmic synchronization.
  • Apply effects.
  • Use reverse, speed change, cropping.
  • Add filters, etc.

Moreover, through TikTok, you can find a creative partner. Simply send out an invitation, make a collaboration video, and voilà: a TikTok duo is ready.

UC Browser — A quick little squirrel

UC Browser

UC Browser seems to be omnipotent. It can search for info on the web. It is compatible with various search engines: from Google to Duck-Duck Go. It can even block ads, unless you want to support select websites by disabling this feature.

Additionally, it offers a catalog of TV shows & movies popular both globally/locally. If you want to download a favorite video that you like from somewhere, UC can do it for you too. But its trademark feature is its speed. The squirrel browser does buffer on its own servers, so your web pages load faster.

YouTube — Watch, like, subscribe


With its endless variety of content and $0 price, YouTube has become a No. 1 video app over the past 10 years. Pranks, tutorials, music videos, animation, web-series, vlogs, etc. There’s the content of all genres and age restrictions you can find (except X-rated stuff).

YouTube employs AI-algorithms, which find videos specifically for you. You can like them, subscribe to your favorite creators and even download the vids you enjoy the most. However, lately, this feature has become premium — its price is $12 a month.

Twitter — Got anything to say?


Twitter is another flagship app of the passing decade. You can use it to express your opinion or leave comments to pretty much anything that happens in the world. However, your verbal creativity is limited to only 280 characters.

Via Twitter, you can follow artists, politicians, and activists. You can support movements and ideas. There are interesting hashtags to explore. And with this app, you can stay tuned to the latest news, trends, and events. Plus it’s a perfect platform to track new memes.

Happy New Apps

We were limited to just ten applications. A hot ten that defined the entire decade. But we’d like to include the 11th app. This is an app that you can’t personally do without. So, what is it? Is it Tinder, Netflix, Spotify, Todoist? Lets us know in the comments!

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