YouTube Music on Android Now Displays Lyrics, but Not for All

YouTube Music on Android Now Displays Lyrics, but Not for All on Readsocialapp Top Blog

While YouTube Music has been one of the richest music streaming services, there was at least one major feature it lacked: lyrics. Unless the artist published the official lyric video, users had to search for texts elsewhere. Now this drawback seems fixed, at least on Android, and YouTube Music users can sing along even if they’re unsure about the lyrics.

Instead of showing them over the video, YouTube Music displays lyrics in a special section under the song data. The lyrics are mostly authorized, as they only accompany licensed songs, though not all of them yet.

The feature will probably be available to all YouTube users, regardless of their subscription status. Among those lucky few who got the update before its official release were both paid and free users. We don’t know so far when the lyric section is officially released and rolled out for all users. The current update is implemented on the server-side, with users getting access to it selected probably just randomly.

As for the iOS app, there haven’t been any reports about implementing lyrics. Chances are Google will roll out this update at about the same time. So, those preferring Apple Music for integrated lyrics will no more see it as an advantage, and thus may want to try YouTube Music.

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