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  • Update date: 4 years ago
  • Size: 90M
  • Author: VOODOOSize
  • Package name: io.voodoo.holeio
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4.5of 5
4.5of 5
5of 5
4.5of 5
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What do we know of black holes? What gets in stays in. There’s no way back as you cross the event horizon. So would you like one of these black holes unleashed in the city you want to be eaten? Be one then! Hole.io is a game about holes wandering around town and eating all within their reach, from humans and trees to cars, houses, and skyscrapers. The more a hole eats, the bigger it becomes. Yes, it can be seen as a kind of famous Snake.

Graphically the game looks great. Though there’s not much to see, the location you’re in looks quite good. No matter if it’s a modern urban landscape or, say, an island with beaches and ships around, it’s still quite spectacular to see all that beauty eaten by faceless holes. But why faceless? If you want, you can customize your hole’s appearance to make it more terrifying or, on the contrary, nicer.

There are four game modes. The first one is single-player, so you just need to get the best score in time-limited by 2 minutes. In the Battle mode, you need to be the last survivor. The Solo Run your mission is eating 100% of the map in 2 minutes. There is also Friends mode, a local multiplayer Bluetooth-based game.

It’s quite easy to control: just drag the hole where you want it to go. But sometimes it will take some more hassle when you, for example, escape another hole that acts too aggressively or try to swallow something too big. Then you’ll need to move more chaotically or, on the contrary, try to control the car or the house you try to catch, so it slips through more easily. That’s how physics works within the game. Each mode has its own pros; it seems a great idea to practice in solo modes and then enter multiplayer ones.

To start a local multiplayer, someone should start a server on their device, and others can connect to it via Bluetooth. This mode still requires an Internet connection.

Facebook authorization will let you sync your progress and settings across all of your devices. We must say that the game looks much better on tablets, so if you have one (no matter, if it’s an iPad or an Android device), you better play Hole.io on it.

Basically, the game is free, but you can purchase the premium version to get rid of annoying ads.
Last but not least: sometimes developers make wrong turns with updates, making the game too much harder or changing graphics so that players don’t approve of it. If you don’t like this type of lottery, check reviews carefully before confirming updates.

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