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If you have ever dreamed of having another life, the right kind of it, one of the best instructions possible is the following: sit down and visualize what it should be like. Avakin Life is just that virtual expansion of your reality that you can arrange the way you like, according to its rules.

It resembles The Sims series a bit, but Avakin Life is much more personalized. You can create your characters as you like, so they resemble your real selves, or your dream appearance and lifestyle. Select your appearance, your dressing style, the way you live, and the way your room looks.

And here you can start socializing. This life simulator offers a lot of interesting places to work and have fun, meet new friends and invite the old ones, and have it your way. Avakin Life features a lot of virtual spots to have a good time.

Moving through 3D space is easy, though first, you can get confused. Unlike action 3D games, you don’t need a joystick and a camera movement. Just tap your destination to go there at your normal pace. If there are other people in the room, they see you just the way you see them. Start talking to them in a built-in chat. Make friends. Socialize. Don’t be shy. The more friends you have, the more fun the game has for you. Social features of Avakin Life are maybe the most attractive part of it.

Besides that, it’s just beautifully made. The interactive 3D environment you communicate to other users in is really immersive, in any place, from your home to night clubs, gyms, restaurants, and so on. Avatar movements are so elaborate that watching them walk, dance, workout, or just sit down is a special kind of fun. Just select, say, some dance style in the menu and watch your alter ego work it.

Building your virtual world may be cheaper than the same activity in real life, yet you’ll still need to purchase some crystals o unlock new outfits, furniture, pets, accessories, and other stuff. It can pay: if you model the perfect you and then reinvent your real self, according to this model, you’ll probably discover a new way of living, already approbated in Avakin Life. And if it costs a bit, it must be worth this. Maybe in the beginning you’ll be good with the rewards you get for logging in everyday, but soon it won’t be enough as you settle down in here.
And yes, besides things, outfits, and all the stuff, you can purchase new emotions and movements. Come on, and you may suddenly enrich your real life.


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