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High life simulator is an attractive shiny thing if made correctly. MovieStarPlanet is something too much of everything. It’s the world where everyone’s young, beautiful, successful, and loved, and expecting more of it all. So what movie star are you?

In this teenage game, your mission is to get as high as you can (no pun intended, though the game really acts like a kind of drug). What do you do about that? As you’re a star, you need to shine. No joking: you select your clothes and collect stars and coins, you socialize, you make friends and portfolios, you write statuses and share your real-life moments.

Yes, you got it right: MovieStarPlanet is a sort of social network. Likes and hearts you receive from others convert into fame stars, gold, and diamonds you can spend on your brilliant career. Buy clothes and furniture, tune your appearance, finally, make your art books and movies for everyone to see. Get them to like you, and you win!

Parents may feel secure: there’s a strong moral boundary about what can be done and shown. We tried to mention drinking once in a status (nothing else, just drinking!), and it was censored out. Of course, kids can invent their own Aesopian language, but MovieStarPlanet isn’t the most proper place for this, unlike, say, schools or streets.

Glamorous and glittering, MSP offers lots of stores and shops, pets and photos, looks, and visits to your virtual room, likes, and creativity. Yes, you can create your own design of clothes with a Master, and then sell it in the virtual store. A movie star should look great, act great, live in great rooms, and have great friends.

Finally, MSP is full of mini-games you can enjoy while waiting for people to react to your statuses, or for new gifts to appear. It all makes for a great entertaining immerse, stimulating kids to visualize their dreams. Make a picture of the better you, and give this better you some better life. Taste it. And if you like it (sure you will!), you’ll know what you’re climbing to. But so far, kids, you can just relax in the gleaming theme park of MovieStarPlanet.

It’s easy in terms of controls and available in many languages. The dangerous part is that some stuff can be sold for money, like, say, VIP status. It brings some advantages in accessing clothes, pets, style accessories, and creative features. But it costs. So parents should look closer at what children do in this game, and get alert when they see their juniors with their credit cards. Movie star life is full of expenses! So there’s a reason to learn how to handle these.

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