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  • Update date: 3 years ago
  • Size: 147M
  • Author: SupercellSize
  • Package name: com.supercell.clashofclans
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4.5of 5
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Clash of Clans is a medieval-styled online multiplayer strategy, based on town-building and military development. Your missions require building new types of buildings, attacking enemies, and protecting your village. It sounds simple, but it contains lots of nuances.

When you enter the game, you are instructed by your assistant to explain the first missions. First, you need to create some buildings and train some troops, and then you send them out to rob your enemies’ villages. In fact, the entire life of our village consists of building, protecting, and attacking.

Though the game is made in pseudo-3D, in fact, you’ll have to act on a 2D map. Anyway, the game is quite spectacular, building is easy to distinguish, as you unlock new types eventually. The same is with troops: as you unlock new types, they are distinct from each other.

To attack, you need to go to a location the game suggests and deploy your troops. The rest is done automatically: the troops attack the nearest objects, while the enemy defensive structures try to wipe the invaders out. You don’t have to deploy all your troops at once. Select some locations to neutralize the defense and let your forces effectively rob the stores. By the way, while you’re away, your village can be robbed in the same manner, so take care to protect it with fences, cannons, bombs, and all the defensive elements you have.

As you progress, you can join a clan. Then clans cooperate against each other, assisting its members. It seems the most amusing part of the game. Along with it, you can play a campaign that will eventually lead you to your major enemy, The Goblin King. It will take long progress, so the story will last many hours of gameplay. And, finally, there is The Builder Base keeping something new for you to discover. Prepare to leave your everyday life for some time if you will!

There are different types of resources you’ll need to build up. Gold and elixir can be obtained from your workers or captured after victories. Crystals are the rarest type you need to accelerate your building, training or exploring, or for buying other types of resources. This is what you’re supposed to spend your money on, though the game is free to play. These investments may offer you some advantage if you feel you’re in Clash of Clans for long.

Clash of Clans is available for several years, and still, it’s one of the most popular games of its type. The success led the developers to publish Clash Royale, a game with the same setting and visuals but quite different and much simpler mechanics.


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