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  • Update date: 4 years ago
  • Size: 85M
  • Author: RobTop GamesSize
  • Package name: com.robtopx.geometryjump
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Geometry Dash is a game in the 2D platformer genre. It is an exciting rhythm-based smartphone game in which your success depends on how well you can react at the right moment and overcome the constant flow of obstacles. You can download Geometry Dash for your iOS or Android smartphone, and it will surely get you occupied for hours.

Simple Yet Truly Fun Gameplay

Let’s start this Geometry Dash review by discussing its gameplay. In the game, you play as a square in a 2D world filled with various obstacles that you need to move through and survive. Geometry Dash includes everything from dangerous spikes to unusual passages that can be difficult to get through, especially as your progress through the game. In addition to jumping over obstacles, you can sometimes even fly over them on a rocket! When the environment becomes too dangerous, this is your chance to survive.

Geometry Dash is designed as a one-touch game. It means that you don’t need to get used to the controls, but the game doesn’t become less challenging because of this. There are numerous levels for you to get through, and each one of them has its soundtrack that sets the mood for this rhythm-based game.

Adrenaline-filled Game for Anyone

Geometry Dash is suitable for both children and adults. Thanks to its accessible controls, anyone can start playing and enjoying this game. Besides getting through numerous levels in Geometry Dash, there is an opportunity to create your own using a level editor. You can build complicated levels and then share them with others.

As you continue to play, you will be able to unlock different colors to change the appearance of your character and make it your own. There are also various icons to unlock and rewards to receive, so there is something to look forward to at all times.

Bright and Colorful World

With its graphics, Geometry Dash creates a truly colorful world. The graphics of this game are saturated, bright, and the entire design can be characterized as stylish. While the game is simple and relies mostly on geometrical shapes, it looks extremely modern, and there is nothing that it lacks. The game offers plenty of variety when it comes to its environments, so you don’t even have time to get bored. Geometry Dash is one of those games in which you can spend hours playing and not notice where the time went because you get so engrossed in the process. It’s definitely a perfect distraction whenever you are on the go, and it can save you from boring situations at any moment.

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