Gachaverse (RPG & Anime Dress Up)

Gachaverse (RPG & Anime Dress Up) Free
  • Update date: 4 years ago
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Gacha series is a constructor making for creating anime characters, and that’s what it’s loved for. In Gachaverse reality and game, worlds interfere. The protagonist of the game is a Gacha Studio fan that got in trouble with this game. Desperate and broke, he’s suddenly visited by someone from Gacha Land who hands him the magic sword. Now you’re both in, and the adventure begins!

Well… maybe we hurried up too much to say “adventure”. It’s Gacha, so first you’ll certainly enter the Dress section to dress up your Summoner and other characters, like Isabella who brought you here.

The customization is pretty similar to what we see in Gacha Studio. You can select your body and press, your skin color, your hairstyle and face elements, your clothes and accessories, and (certainly for an RPG) your weapon, that is, two swords and a shield. The developers pay just as much attention to your room. There are wallpapers and furniture, pets, and special items you can decorate your room with. If we compare this one to Gacha Studio (and how not to?), we’ll discover there are noticeably more appearance elements, and there are 8 character slots instead of 6.

The game features its battle system, but we cannot tell you what it is so far, as the section is a stub. As for January 2019, the Missions and Ranking sections are still missing too. We doubt if they will ever be launched in full. But honestly, that’s not what we play Gacha for.

With tap-based controls as easy as can be, the game is easy to make out (despite the fact there’s nothing to make out in RPG sections). If you have ever launched Gacha Studio, you’ll discover the same set of controls.

The basic version is free as usual, but you can pay for some extras to enhance your experience. Now it all comes with gem bundles. The gems you bought can be converted o gold or stars, and these are used to buy new clothes and upgrades for your home. The game is ad-stuffed, but not that it’s bad. Sometimes watching ads brings you some extras!

As a tradition for Gacha, there is only one musical theme replaying endlessly as you play, with a noticeable break and restart right after it. It would have been a real esthetical pleasure if the game sounded so bright and party as it looks. But, alas, this is a Gacha’s trademark to pay too little attention to music.

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